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Fresa Technologies is a Neutral IT service providers delivering end to end business solutions for Freight forwarding and Logistics industry having a Head quartered in Chennai in India. We believe that IT services are the backbone for any successful business which increases efficiency, transparency, reliability, and scalability. Business intelligence, monitoring, and analysis business data helps to take accurate business decision and improves end-customer satisfaction. We have been focusing on FREIGHT FORWARDING & LOGISTICS industry for the past twenty five years and keep fine-tuning and enhancing our platform for incorporating the best business practices. We believe that Fresa Technologies can completely transform the Freight forwarding and Logistics business and gives a competitive edge and business advantage to our customers and better satisfaction to end customer.

Kumar RS

Mr. RS Kumar



Director – Quality

Mr. Amudhan

Vice President

Mr. Vinodh Kannan

Director – Sales
Nanda Kumar S

Mr. Nandakumar

Director – Support

Mr. Gunasekaran

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