Awards & Recognition


Leader Small Business Spring 2023

The constant advances of Fresa and impeccable support services pave the way for successful growth. Fresa Gold ERP Software is rewarded as Leader Small Business Spring 2023 in G2 Reviews Online with the support of our esteemed client reviews.


Leader Spring 2023

Fresa is delighted to share that have been awarded the Leader-Spring 2023 accolade for Fresa Gold ERP Software by G2 Online Software Review Platform. This recognition is a result of the valuable feedback from our esteemed customers who have used Fresa's software services. We are immensely grateful to our reviewers for this honor.


Leader Winter 2023

Proud to Announce receiving our Successive Awards as Leader-Winter 2023 for Fresa Gold ERP Software by the G2 Online Software Review Platform from Highly Rated Reviews of our valuable Customers on using our Software Services for the 3rd Year. Extending our immense gratitude to our esteemed reviewers.

Quality Choice-2022

Top Ranked Solution 2022

With a prominent panel of expert analysis and being the curated ERP Software, our Fresa Gold has been awarded and Top Ranked Solution in 2022 with Quality Choice Award by Crozdesk, a web-based Business Software Search platform that helps businesses discover the right software for any purpose.


High User Satisfaction 2022

Our excellence and eminence with happy Software Servicing have made getting High User Satisfaction in 2022, which was then awarded as Happiest Users for our Fresa Gold ERP Software and this award was granted by Crozdesk, an online Software Discovery platform that connects Software buyers with B2B SaaS products.

High Performer Summer 2022

High Performer Summer 2022

We are enthralled by receiving an award as High Performer Summer 2022 by the G2 online Software Review Platform for being the world's best Freight Forwarding ERP Software Fresa Gold which was given based on our Freight Forwarding customers' reviews.

SoftwareSuggest high performer winter 2022

High Performer Winter 2022

Fresa Gold ERP software has been categorized as Top 3 in Leaders List by the SoftwareSuggest, an online platform for Business Software discovery and they have bestowed this award based on our positively valued customers'

Fresa Gold High Performer Spring 2022

High Performer Spring 2022

Fresa's constant advancements and impeccable support services paves way for the successful growth path. Fresa Gold ERP Software is awarded as High Performer Spring 2022 in G2 Reviews Online with the support of our valuable Customers' reviews.

G2 High Performer Winter 2022

High Performer Winter 2022

Fresa Gold ERP software has been awarded as High Performer Winter 2022 by the G2 online software review platform and this award has been given based on our highly appreciated and recognized customers' outstanding reviews on using our software services.

content safety hero

Content Safety Hero -

Our proactive actions and preeminent enhancements make our Fresa website approved and granted as a trustworthy website with a quality mark for a high level of web security metrics confirmed by algorithms with the title of Content Safety Hero.

Finances Online

A popular platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews has appreciated our positive executions to our customers and awarded two awards for our Fresa Gold ERP Software.
Rising Star 2021

Rising Star 2021

Fresa's team efforts and huge customer support resulted in prospective growth in the Technology and Freight Forwarding industry that turned out our Fresa Gold to be the Rising Star 2021 award winner.

Great User Experience 2021

Great User Experience 2021

Our continual concurrent renovations to our Product and services upgrade us to a new level of user experience in our Fresa Gold ERP software which brought us fame with the Great User Experience 2021 honor.

software suggest

Best Support 2021

Fresa Gold ERP software has been awarded as Best Support 2021 under Leader category by the SoftwareSuggest online software review platform and this award has been given based on our support team's best performance and query solving.

best IT support

Best IT Support - Berrio Logistics Pvt Ltd

The true essence of work outcomes with Customer satisfaction, where Fresa has been praised and esteemed for being the best in providing strong IT Support by one of our prime customers Berrio Logistics Pvt Ltd in 2019.

Anchoring Perfection

Fresa has been anchored with optimistic approaches by making vital investments for next-generation competencies and to ease the contemporary and future interests of our Freight Forwarding customers. We make wise solutions by adapting to unique elements, skilled performance and a strategy of Explaining and Establishing.

Esteemed Establishment

Throughout the years of Fresa, we have merited with awards and recognitions that endure endorsement to our pursuance of high-functioning and directorial excellence. We feel honored to be accepted and appreciated for our technology products, services, proficient capabilities, administration conception, employee commitment and innovation for the Forwarding and Logistics Industries.

Excellence Speaks

Awards are the seen recognitions of our teams’ effort for endeavoring excellence. Fresa has a constant adaption to harmonious methods where we imply the industry’s best techniques, sustainability stratagems, and pro-people inventiveness for the welfare of Freight and Logistics Customers. Our distinction has fascinated business attention from time to time and honored with Big Awards.

Our Key Products

Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.