How to Generate proforma invoice?

Here you can learn about how to generate Proforma Invoice Report, 1.Open your Respective job/shipment and click the costing button (fig.1). fig.1 2.Now click Add button to add the charges to be shown in the invoice and click the Save & Close button.(fig.2)&(fig.3) fig.2 fig.3 3.Click the Report button on right side top of the job/Shipment screen.(fig.4) fig.4…

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How to create a Bank-1

How to create a Bank ..?

Here you can learn about how to create a bank. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Master select Organization (Fig.1).   Fig.1 2. To create a new bank click Create button (Fig.). Fig.2 3. Enter the bank Name and select the Primary Agent as Bank and click Next button (Fig.3). Fig.3 4. Enter the…

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Purchase Credit Note-1

How to Generate Purchase Credit Note ?

Here, You can find how to generate Purchase credit note from Shipment/Job. 1. Login with Fresa Gold and open shipment/Job and click add button in Costing Tab to add charges (Fig-1) Fig.1  2.Fill the required charges by selecting the unit, shipment, amount and set Dr/Cr as Cr(-) and click Save and close.(Fig-2) Fig-2 3.Now click  Generate…

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