generate Proration-1

How to generate Proration ?

Purpose: Here you learn about how to generate proration in Fresa Gold. Proration is transfer the cost from Master Job to Shipment based on weight or volume or kgs. More than one shipment you can enter the  cost charges in Master level, after that click prorate it will transfer the cost from master job to…

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GST Reports-1

What are the Types of GST Reports ?

Here, you can learn about  GST (Goods And Service Tax)  and various types of Reports in Fresa Gold. 1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to  Accounts->Tax Reports (Fig.1). Fig.1 2. Click Tax Reports and select GST Report, here you can see different types of reports (Fig.2). Fig.2 Below are the Different Types of GST Reports,…

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Book Mark in Fresa Gold-1

How to create Book Mark in Fresa Gold..?

Purpose: For instance if you are taking A/R Aging summary details, we need to select Accounts->A/R -> A/R  Aging Summary details it’s long procedure, in that case we use book mark . 1.Login with Fresa Gold, goto Accounts->A/R ->A/R Aging Summary Details (Fig.1). Fig.1 2.Select A/R Aging Summary (Fig.2). Fig.2 3.Click Favorites to add  the…

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