How to change the client name.?

Here, you can learn about how change a client name in Organization Master. 1.Login with  Fresa Gold, Open Masters ->  Organization master (Fig-1), you can get the list of organization, Fig-1 2. Edit the respective organization from the list, Which one you want to rename. (Fig-2) . Fig-2 3. This feature based on rights, if…

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How to create a new Carrier/Airline Fresa Gold.?

Here, you can find how to create carrier/Airline in Fresa gold 1. Goto Master =>organization master from the list (Fig-1). You can get the list of already created customer/Client/Supplier/vendor/Agent/Airline/Carrier, you can download the same in different format using Options(Fig-2) (Fig-1) (Fig-2) 2. if you want to create a new Carrier/Airline, Click create button (Fig-3) and…

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