CBX Shipping Service LLC

Letter of Appreciation

On behalf of CBX Shipping Service LLC, we would like to express our appreciation for the excellent job that you and your team members have done over the past several months.

We have a great experience of FRESA SOFTWARE in our organization to be very convenient, user friendly, and comfortable for us.

I really appreciate Mr.Srinivasan for your dedication immediate support service provided and humbleness while solving the challenges on time. Once upon thank you for the valuable support, it really means a lot to us.

Once again thank you, Fresa Technologies, and the entire team for the support given so far and for the years to come.


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Fresa-About us

Who we are

Fresa Technologies is an independent, neutral and professional software company that provides IT and IT-enabled services with a focus on providing solutions only to Freight forwarding and shipping industries.

Fresa Technologies also focus on developing cost-effective and efficient Freight Forwarding Software Applications with a user-friendly interface and back-office solutions. It also focuses on infrastructure and hardware support such as developing & maintaining websites and Mail Services.

Our team comprises of highly skilled individuals, who are experienced architects in designing & developing Freight forwarding & logistics software for over 20 years. They are domain experts and specialize in providing customized, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. They focus on enhancing user experience and satisfaction for a sustainable relationship.


Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.