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The tremendous innovation in technology paves for boundless accessibility across the globe has made many challenging tasks smoother and quicker. One of the industries affirming a rapid digital transformation in its activities is the Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Shipping Industries.

Many software companies are heading for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics industries to embrace changes by using modernized mechanisms and techniques. Fresa Technologies is one such software company providing high-grade Cloud ERP software that accomplishes the essentials of freight forwarding and logistics industries with hybrid technology.

Fresa Technologies are headquartered in USA, Dubai, Singapore and Chennai by engaging 8 Branches with 1200+ Customers connecting globally across 38+ countries in the Freight Forwarding Shipping Industry. Fresa solves the complex company needs of Freight Forwarding Customers through our optimum product ‘Fresa Gold’. The software provides an integrated functionality for Freight Forwarding Operations which expedites in Finance, Management, HR, Sales, CRM, Operations, Shipment tracking through Air, Ocean and Land.

Mr. RS Kumar / CEO

25+ Years of experience in Shipping and Logistics Project Management

Fresa products provide the most extensive functionality for the Freight Forwarding and Logistics industries. Fresa’s SaaS-based solution is highly secure, scalable with multi-location and multi-currency capabilities, provides a modern and robust web interface for the end customer visibility, with dashboards options.
Fresa Products provide full finance & accounting, warehouse management, which are end to end integrated modules for Freight Forwarding Logistics processes. Therefore, the features of our modules have fully integrated stand-alone, including finance and credit control, built-in process controls, elimination of duplicated data entries, and a rich library of all statutory, MIS, sales, and operations reports. In addition to our ERP Software, we have a wide range of products such as Fresa Gold, Fresa XPress, Fresa Web, Fresa Mail, Fresa Leads, Fresa App, Fresa BPO, Fresa Design, Fresa Analytics, Fresa Startup and Fresa Docs with a focus on strengthening the sustainability.
Our services are capable of working independently and in tandem with its advanced product Fresa Gold. It supports through a range of services starting from documentation, sales support, customer operations, finance and accounting in the Freight Forwarding and Shipping industries.
Fresa’s skilled professionals have more than 25 years of domain experience in Freight forwarding & Logistics software with deep Shipping Industry knowledge are keenly streamlining processes through automation in a cost-friendly way with end-to-end ERP solutions for IT and ITES services.
Fresa’s customized products with our skillful team experience turned to be the splendid solution for effective integration of all their Freight Forwarding Logistics operations and complex cross-border logistics requirements. Our Prime features of Fresa products helping our Freight Forwarding clients to maintain a centralized workflow with data integrity for all logistical and warehousing operations. Fresa has aggressively built Smart Cloud ERP services with a UI interface and multi-compatibility portable modes for accessing anywhere anytime.
We render an array of integrations with broader supply chain ecosystem providing real-time visibility of the complete shipment cycle to the customers

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