Company Culture

At Fresa technologies, we recognize that our talented professionals are accountable for our company’s growth. Fresa is pride in fostering a creative work environment that meets the needs of our employees which is now proved with our ‘Great Place to Work Certification‘.
Fresa provides our employees a strong foundation for future success by rendering unlimited opportunities for continuous learning and ongoing professional development and personal growth. Each employee is a valued member of the Fresa Technologies family.
Experience has taught us that when we exhibit a full commitment to our employees’ satisfaction and wellbeing, they reciprocate with exceptional dedication to our team and our clients. Fresa has been built with core principles of employee culture.

Open Doors

Fresa has an open-door policy and takes employee concerns and problems earnestly. We value each employee and strives to provide a positive work experience. Employees are encouraged to bring any workplace concerns or challenges they might have or know about to their supervisor or some other member of management.

Professional Development

Fresa invests in our employees, with comprehensive programs for professional advancement and assistance in learning new technologies.

Performance Evaluation

Fresa views performance evaluation as a participatory process that evolves. Each term, employees and supervisors work together to identify, achieve, and assess their progress toward clearly defined objectives and goals.

Reliability & Integrity

Fresa holds ourselves liable to the highest standards for reliability, integrity, trust, and transparency within our organization and when interacting with our global clients.


Fresa recognizes that a cohesive team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our employees draw on rich, diverse backgrounds, talents, experiences, and interests while working in close collaboration to consistently deliver high-quality services to our clients.

Cultural Awareness

Fresa has years of experience bridging the gaps between different cultures and business traditions. Our employees are trained to respect local approaches and business practices while harnessing the advantages of globalization.


No matter where our clients are located, they can access clear and detailed information from our teams with quick responses.

Customer Satisfaction

Fresa teams are highly focused on delivering true value to help our global clients succeed in a challenging business environment.
At Fresa Technologies, our employees are what makes our company shine. We believe our employee is our top asset and our success lies in how well we source, engage and retain the best people. We hire more budding professionals to shape a better future and make them excel in this field.
Our employees’ impressive technical and productive skills result in the delivery of powerful professional software solutions that are best suited for our clients’ needs. Our experienced management team and partners guide and support our specialists and their decisions throughout the process.
Guidance and support are offered directly and through regular opportunities for professional progress. Our review system helps us to recognize and reward outstanding employees for the results they obtain according to their performance.

Our Key Products

Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.
Generating Leads for a Business plays a vital role in the Marketing field, as it is the beginning step for Marketing & Sales.