Fresa Customer Tracking Portal

Eminence and Emergence

In today’s connected world, Customer Tracking Portal are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have feature for many organizations. Rather than making a call to a customer support specialist, a customer can enter their requests, track them and access a knowledge base of past requests and updated documentation.

Fresa Customer Tracking Portal

We are providing a phenomenal Customer Tracking Portal which is an Add-on Feature that will be Custom Created as per your Business Necessities. It is a Self-Service Portal that provides Improved Visibility to our Pivotal Customers to access Real-Time Information. Our Portal is secured and available to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year on their desktop, laptop and mobile/tablet devices.

Single-point Access to Shipment Information

We are aced in providing the prodigious Customer Tracking portal with a single-point of access to their Shipment information with the proficient process as follows
  • Track Shipment status
  • View Shipment milestones
  • View Shipper-wise Summary
  • View Consignee-wise Summary
  • View POL/POD-wise Summary
  • Generate Statement of Accounts
  • Download Invoice copy by the click of a button
  • Download EBL & EDO

Login page

The login screen allows registered users to login to the site to access all of the features that they are access to. If they type in their username and password and click submit the users’ credentials are validated and if correct they are logged in.

Shipments Module

We can view the shipments details by providing the required columns such as Date Range, Origin, Destination and Branch. Using this module helps to find the related Shipments and its Associated Documents as well. We can also download it as a report.

Shipper wise Summary

We can also view the Shipper wise Summary with Origin, Destination, Type, Gross Weight and Volume etc.,

Consignee wise Summary

In Consignee wise Summary, we can view the Consignee details with Origin, Destination, Type, Gross Weight and Volume etc.,

POL / POD wise Summary

In POL/POD wise summary, we can view the POL and POD details, Type, Gross Weight and Volume etc.,

Statement of Outstanding

To view the outstanding for a particular organization with G/L date, Job no, Shipment no, Currency, Narration and Currency Amount etc.,

WMS Stock Report

In this module, we can view the stock report product wise by providing details such as Organization, Product Code and Product Name.

WMS Receipt Note Report

In this report, we can view the Goods Receipt Note Lists client and warehouse wise by providing details such as Date Range and GRN Number.

WMS Delivery Note Report

In this Report, we can view the Goods Delivery Note Lists client and warehouse wise by providing details such as Date Range and GDN Number. By Clicking on View button, we can view the Product details related to your GDN.

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