Escalation Matrix

We are providing excellent services to all our valued clients. We would like to assure that we will continue to focus on fulfilling our clients’ requirements as we consider it our top priority. Besides, we will always maintain great transparency and ethics in carrying out all of our business operations flawlessly, and stand by your side whenever you need us.

In this endeavour, we will make sure that your queries are resolved within the shortest possible turnaround time. For this purpose, we have set up an effective ‘Escalation Matrix’ by using numerous access points so that you can reach out to us without any hassle. Our primary objective is to provide you with personalize service and make it a delightful experience for you.

If at all you face any issue, immediately escalate your query by dropping us an email at the following email addresses with support ticket number. Kindly note support ticket number is mandatory for escalation:

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Level of EscalationContact PersonE-Mail IDWhatsApp NoSkype ID
Dubai EscalationMs. Mathivathani +91 89259 12773Fresa-Mathi
Ms. Nathiya +91 7806805428Fresa-Nathiya
Ms. Anjuga +91 8925912213Fresa-Anjuga
Ms. Ramya +91 8925913772Fresa-Ramya
Level of EscalationHoursContact PersonE-Mail IDWhatsApp NoSkype ID
Level-12-4 HoursYour respective support person which is available in your user profile.
Level-24-6 HoursSupport Team
Level-36-8 HoursMs. Yogeswari +91 8925912774fresasupport8
Level-48+ HoursMr. Jaisekaran +91 7806805426fresasupport7

Our Key Products

Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.