1. Shall we book agent credit note against job?

Need to book purchase credit note against job with Cr (-)

2. Difference b/w voucher cancel and Unpost ?

Unpost – All Action repacked from voucher. It will do after post the voucher. Cancel – You can cancel before post the voucher.

3. Shall I do single payment against multiple invoice ?

By using “Against Multiple Voucher”, we can book payment against multiple invoice.

4. Is it possible to book vendor single invoice into multiple invoice against multiple job?

We can book multiple PI against single vendor invoice with same vendor invoice no.

5. Multiple invoice from single job?

We can create multiple invoice from same job

6. Is it possible to reopen the job?

Based on user rights, we will enable the option to reopen the job

7. Shall we do changes except amount after post the voucher without unpost option?

By using “Voucher Correction”, we can change the narration, cheque details, address, currency etc.

8. Is it possible to customize the report column?

By Using “Options”, we can the select the column as we required and save the report.

9. Shall we do backdated voucher & job?

Based on Period & segment master, we will do

10. Is it possible to change the job date & voucher date?

Within the month, we will do based on report segment master

11. Party wise statement based on date?

By using ” Subledger statement ” report under accounts, we can pull party wise report

12. Drill down feature from Balance sheet level to voucher level?

Use “Balance Sheet Summary” Report under accounts

13. Is it possible to download the report in excel?

By using “Options”, we can download the corresponding report

14. Where we record the Employee details ?

Under HR menu, Employees Master is available

15. Is it possible to send reports by Email?

As of now, we shall send status report alone by email. In Next release, we will enable the facility to send all reports through mail.

16. Sub ledger wise invoice book selection?

In Customer master, need to select the corresponding book under “Account Details”.

17. Is it possible to take Duplicate quotation/booking/job/voucher?

By using “Copy” option in all screen, we can duplicate the particular record

18. Shall we do voucher reversal?

By using “Reversal” option under journal voucher, we can reverse the particular record

19. Is it possible to do duplicate/reversal record based on particular date?

As of now, both duplicate & reversal will pick the current date. In next release, we will enable this option.

20. Follow up notification?

In home page, “Follow up Calender” is available

21. Currency wise invoice book selection?

Need to map the currency & book in “Masters Map” under setup

22. Shall we customize the dashboard?

By using “Customize” under each module dashboard, we can the customize the dashboard

23. Can We make Multi currency Invoice from this system?

Based on currency, we have provided separate invoice report

24. Can we make 2 Invoice for 2 different parties from same Job?

while generate invoice from job, we can create separate invoice for each parties based on selection of party in corresponding charge

25. Can we enter multiple currency in same Job costing and generate invoice in single currency?

While generate invoice, we can select the required currency

26. Can we make Receipt voucher for multiple invoices?

Using “Against Multiple Voucher” under account details, we can cut the receipt for multiple invoice

27. Can we make Payment voucher for multiple supplier invoice?

Using “Against Multiple Voucher” under account details, we can cut the receipt for multiple invoice

28. How about data secured from your staff?

NDA will signed by our every staff.

29. What is G.L Date and what impact in the system?

GL date based on ledger. All accounting report based on GL date

30. What is Voucher date and what impact in the system?

Voucher date is just a voucher creation date.

31. Can we send quotation report, directly from system to customer?

User can convert the same quote into PDF and send it.

32. Is there any rights to restrict posting option by other department?

Based on “User rights”, we will restrict the voucher status option

33. Fresa Xpress will work at any browsers and any OS? Because we are going Linux OS for all users ?

It will work in any browser, there is no issue. Even it will work at mobile devices also

34. Are you keeping all the company data in single database? If yes what about security?

We are keeping data in Single database but in different area. We have designed the architecture like that. Other company cannot access data

35. What about performance to access your product?

This is based on your Internet speed. There is no issue to access. Based on customers and number of users, server will be upgraded later

36. Is it possible to enter partial payment & receipt ?

While selecting the corresponding invoice in “Against Multiple Voucher”, we can enter the partial amount as per requirement