Need to book purchase credit note against job with Cr (-)
Unpost – All Action repacked from voucher. It will do after post the voucher. Cancel – You can cancel before post the voucher.
By using “Against Multiple Voucher”, we can book payment against multiple invoice.
We can book multiple PI against single vendor invoice with same vendor invoice no.
We can create multiple invoice from same job
Based on user rights, we will enable the option to reopen the job
By using “Voucher Correction”, we can change the narration, cheque details, address, currency etc.
By Using “Options”, we can the select the column as we required and save the report.
Based on Period & segment master, we will do
Within the month, we will do based on report segment master
By using ” Subledger statement ” report under accounts, we can pull party wise report
Use “Balance Sheet Summary” Report under accounts
By using “Options”, we can download the corresponding report
Under HR menu, Employees Master is available
As of now, we shall send status report alone by email. In Next release, we will enable the facility to send all reports through mail.
In Customer master, need to select the corresponding book under “Account Details”.
By using “Copy” option in all screen, we can duplicate the particular record
By using “Reversal” option under journal voucher, we can reverse the particular record
As of now, both duplicate & reversal will pick the current date. In next release, we will enable this option.
In home page, “Follow up Calender” is available
Need to map the currency & book in “Masters Map” under setup
By using “Customize” under each module dashboard, we can the customize the dashboard
Based on currency, we have provided separate invoice report
while generate invoice from job, we can create separate invoice for each parties based on selection of party in corresponding charge
Using “Against Multiple Voucher” under account details, we can cut the receipt for multiple invoice
Using “Against Multiple Voucher” under account details, we can cut the receipt for multiple invoice
NDA will signed by our every staff.
GL date based on ledger. All accounting report based on GL date
Voucher date is just a voucher creation date.
User can convert the same quote into PDF and send it.
Based on “User rights”, we will restrict the voucher status option
It will work in any browser, there is no issue. Even it will work at mobile devices also
We are keeping data in Single database but in different area. We have designed the architecture like that. Other company cannot access data
This is based on your Internet speed. There is no issue to access. Based on customers and number of users, server will be upgraded later
While selecting the corresponding invoice in “Against Multiple Voucher”, we can enter the partial amount as per requirement

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