We would like to take this opportunity to express out a sincere gratitude to Fresa Technologies for your excellent supports you have provided to Korchina with your software.

After transitioning our daily jobs to your new system, all members of Korchina staff can easily view the current status of operations such as number of shipments, jobs and invoices through the system’s main dashboard which show us all status of items is real time. The powerful search option also helps out staff to easily access to all related data anywhere at any time.

The sum of data from all Korchina branches are collected in real time which helps management of Korchina to predict and forecast the outcome of our business.

Using this new system our salesman can tell merit of Korchina Logistics to our customers and easily approach their needs.

We are fortunate to have Fresa software to assist us with your expertise to guide us through some of the difficulties that Korchina has faced. We could not have overcome it without your experienced services. We sincerely appreciate your work and look forward to work together.

Again, thank you so much.
Eric Sun
CEO & Managing Director

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