Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, is a fascinating country comprised of two noncontiguous areas which are mostly part of larger islands and separated by about 640 kilometers of the South China Sea. Altogether, Malaysia is roughly 128,000 square kilometers.

Malaysia is a small country with a fast-growing economy. Located on a trade route in the South China Sea, the Southeast Asian country has an open, diversified, upper-middle-income economy.

Malaysia in Brief:
Kuala Lumpur
Administrative capital:
Ringgit Malaysia (RM or MYR)

Malaysia & Logistics:
The background on which decisions on the freight transport and logistics development of Malaysia should be based in the economy that fuels it.


The structure of the industry, the growth of the service sector, and the expansion of raw material production are the parameters that will influence freight transportation planning

From the analysis of the major export and import products and trade partners, two basic inferences can be made:

    • The major revenue generating transported products are electric and electronic (more than 50% of the total) and secondly bulk products.(with a combined share surpassing 10%)
    • Malaysia s major trade partners are the ASEAN countries combined and then the US market overseas.

Additionally, along with Malaysia s 2020 goal for obtaining a developed nation status an expansion to the service sector is expected. This development does not diminish the importance of freight transportation but instead an increase in demand for parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) services.

Currently, Malaysia has a total of seven (7) major Federal ports namely Port Klang, Johor Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuantan Port, Penang Port, Bintulu Port, and Kemaman Port. Meanwhile, the ports in Sabah and Sarawak are under the jurisdiction of the State Government of Sabah and Sarawak respectively.

Malaysia’s Top 5 Exports:

  • Refined Petroleum $10.9 billion
  • Palm Oil $8.94 billion
  • Crude Petroleum $5.65 billion
  • Aluminum $1.6 billion
  • Coconut Oil $977 million

Main Ports of Malaysia:

  • Port Klang
  • Penang Port
  • Johor Port
  • Port of Tanjung Pelepas
  • Kuantan Port
  • Bintulu Port
  • Kemaman Port

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Malaysia’s Top Imports:

  • Refined Petroleum $11.4 billion
  • Crude Petroleum $2.82 billion
  • Gold $2.2 billion
  • Refined Copper $1.64 billion
  • Coal Briquettes $1.43 billion

Regional seaports of Malaysia:

  • Lumut Port
  • Sabah Port
  • Kuching Port
  • Rajang Port
  • Miri Port

Specialised Features for Malaysian Region:

          • EDI integration K4,K5,AMS(US),AFR(JAPAN)
          • Port Wise reports(Northport/Westport)
          • Service Tax

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