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Marketing in Fresa’s Eye

A critical factor for long-term business achievement is having an efficient and sustainable marketing strategy. There is Humpty of research in the field of Digital Logistics and Marketing in both theory and practice from different marketing approaches. The importance of digital logistics highlights the necessity to investigate research on Information Technology strategy, theoretically and pragmatically for an IT Service provider in Logistics Chain.
Our team in Fresa Technologies has been working hard to get the company´s name in the market consistently and to create a good and credible reputation. From the creation of our new brand look and feel to our email marketing strategy and events during this time, Fresa Technologies’ brand awareness has increased multifold in the past decade. The company name is not only top of mind for many potential and actual forwarders but in the hearts of many as well.
Salini Marketing Director

Mrs. Salini / Director – Marketing

Our Interest & Sincerity in Logistics Community development

As an example, we created an enriched library and blogs sustainably related to our logistics industry. These are a series of events created to deliver knowledge and thought leadership content to professionals in the logistics industry. Our commitment is to deliver useful and valuable information to our supply chain community.
Generating new business opportunities for Fresa Technologies has become a priority for Marketing. Participating in logistics events, tradeshows, social media and email marketing are our main tools to find and acquire qualified leads to help us get closer to our customers and their community network.
We work side by side with the Sales Team, backing their process and providing materials and tools that help them achieve their goals. The Marketing Team is on top of all their sales needs, as well as our customer’s activities and create everything necessary to make them move closer to our customers, listen to their needs, and keep them happy in a sustainable manner.
One of the biggest opportunities for marketing strategists in the logistics industry is overlapping lines between sales and marketing in the Digital world. Passing off marketing qualified leads to the sales team and hoping for conversion is not going to get you far as an organization. Marketing needs to understand the entire customer’s journey. This means designing and delivering targeted nurturing campaigns, case studies that specifically address the client’s pain points, messaging and demos that coincide with proposal development, and engaging the client frequently for feedback and regular client business reviews in digital form.

Customer Retention through Loyalty and Long-term vision

In Fresa Technologies, our number one priority is to create strategies and work for hand in hand with other departments to ensure that we offer the best customer experience that translates to high customer retention. We have implemented different strategies to achieve this goal. We have deployed marketing automation software to be on top of our customers’ journeys and needs using a mix of technologies and personalized support. We also work hard to ensure that our customers receive valuable information through our help and support channels keeping long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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