Business Process Outsourcing

(BPO) is basically outsourcing some of the non-essential internal business activities and operational process to a contracted third-party service provider thereby transferring responsibilities to perform as per agreement.

In Freight Forwarding & Shipping industry, there are lots of data entry work required in all business segments like Sea Freight, Air Freight, Transportation, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Courier products and 3rd party warehousing.

A business organization can choose and transfer some of their non-essential activities to a third party so that they can continue to focus on their primary business activities. There are two ways of increasing profit. Most of the organization focus on sales to increase profit. In the current highly competitive environment, the organization has to focus on reducing the cost, increase the efficiency of the process thereby improve the profitability.

Fresa BPO division is having 20+ years of experienced professionals in shipping and logistics industries and offers best Business Process Outsourcing solutions and services that enable clients to optimize the costs and improve the profitability.


Track & Trace

It is crucial for any customer to know their cargo movement status to plan their further activities accordingly like adjusting in a production unit or confirming delivery dates to end customer or placement of goods in a mall etc. It is the vital role of a freight forwarder to keep their customer informed with real-time updates of their cargo movement status – from the time the customer confirms a booking, an update to their mailbox updating at every stage of their cargo, will keep the customer happy – even if the cargo is delayed than the expected, an update to customer will help the customer to proactively rework their further action accordingly.

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Advantages of BPO

  • Cost Reduction up to 65%
  • Focus on core business
  • Improve efficiency of the process
  • Flexibility & Productivity Improvement
  • Infrastructure facilities

Customer Service

  • Cargo Generation
  • Preparation of Quotation
  • Booking LCL shipments
  • Carrier/ Courier Rates update
  • Human Resource
  • Tele Sales