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For almost a decade Fresa Technologies has emerged as the latest technology trend in developing freight management software and offers the best online freight management solution for freight forwarders, shipping and logistics companies. With exceptionally flexible team and their skill fostered an immense customer base in 36+ countries and spanning successful brands in the freight forwarding industry. For all these years we have witnessed consistent growth, achieved long-term success and faced challenging times.

We are very happy that Fresa has the best team who works as a family and they come with rich experience in providing IT solutions to the freight forwarding fraternity.

Thanks to our management team to adapt to dynamic innovations while keeping the remarkable needs of our respected customers at the front line of the company’s core interest. Our solidarity is developed by our unique ideas and values, wherein we develop excellent and smart services by giving equal significance to all stakeholders associated in the chain, such as our diversely talented team, customers, partners and the freight forwarding industry. Discovering novel thoughts and strategies to creating excellent business opportunities and giving value-added solutions to our clients, we have developed freight management applications and induce excellent techniques within the areas of web design, email services, back-office solutions and digital marketing services.


Mr. Vinodh / Director – Sales

20+ Years of Experience in Software Development and Support Services

The role of Director-Sales in the Freight Forwarding Software Industry has dramatically changed in the past several years. In today’s sales environment, buyers no longer buy the same way. At the same time, sales team demographics and organizational models are rapidly evolving. Efficient Freight Software Solutions Sales Directors must manage a complex set of internal and external dynamics.  
Success in the Freight IT Solution Sales Management role starts with solid sales practices. But what really is a sales strategy? A company’s plan for driving profitable revenue growth. It defines where a company will play and how it will win in the competitive market of the Freight Forwarding IT sector. A true sales approach includes the following components and pursuits in IT solutions of Freight Forwarding Industry:  
Global Insight:

Defining the total and serviceable addressable market, ideal customer profile with propensity-to-buy criteria. Understanding these elements helps sales teams build their target buyer personas and buying process maps of the Logistics Community. Knowledge of the customer deciding journey also provides the foundation for an adaptive sales process niches of Freight Software Company.


What are the optimal revenue model and go-to-market coverage mix? A sales artifice bridges the company’s overall strategy with field execution in the Shipping and Logistics domains. It maps the direct and indirect channels for growth. And it also defines the linkages across marketing, product and customer success over the global essentials of Freight Forwarding Software Solutions.

Organizational Design:

This involves assessing the best sales organizational design for a company’s markets, products, and services related to supply chain demanding methods. Beyond reporting lines and boxes, the org design must also address the talent requirements following Freight Forwarding learning. Finally, the structure should be reinforced through compensation plans that incent the right behaviors.

Process & Plays:

Modern salesforces in Freight Forwarding Industries deploy adaptive sales methodologies that focus on running the right play at the right time with real-time updates on the Shipping and Logistics Industry. A formal process and toolset are also needed to manage and expand account relationships in IT solutions. We are responsible for strengthening the situational awareness of reps. This is key to executing a sales process that pivots to the customer’s deciding journey on Fresa Technologies.

Enablement and Operations:

Every great success includes a combination of enablement (sales effectiveness) and operations (sales efficiency) of our Freight Forwarding solutions. Executing powerful enablement and operations is multifaceted with cloud connecting customized applications of Fresa Technologies. We stand by the Motto; We grow along with our Customers is our key to Success!

Success starts with knowing how to create a complete sales approach with execution excellence. The right combination of approach and effort equals success

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