Sample Report Formats

Report writing format differs from one company to the other, but all through out, one thing is common to them, they present all the facts collected in an organized manner and maintains the formality of writing the content of the report writing from the space, fonts, logos and arrangement that must be followed for each organization differ from each other..

A wide variety of industries, including Freight forwarding, transportation and Logistics companies, use shipping templates for freight sent via air or ocean lines, and for other cargo and package deliveries. Invoices, packing slips, manifests, and other forms help expedite shipments while reducing errors. Below, you will find some of our Fresa Gold sample shipping templates. See billing invoices and bill of lading templates for all other countries.

Fresa makes it easy for you by giving you a list of all the essential sample reports, Let’s get into it.






1.HBL Draft Report Format JasperAir Quotation Report FormatInvoice Report Format-1 Tax Invoice IndiaContainer List Based On Cargo Unpack Date List Report Format
2.HBL Draft Report Format-2Air Quotation With Airline Report FormatInvoice Report Format-2 Tax Invoice India Container Summary Based On Carrier List Report Format
3.HBL Draft Report Format-4Air Freight ATD Confirmation Report FormatInvoice Report Format-3 Summary InvoiceCreated Invoice List Report Format
4.HBL Draft Report Format-5Arrival Confirmation Report FormatInvoice Report Format-4 Standard Tax InvoiceDaily Status Report Format 1 (DSR) List Report Format
5.HBL Draft Report Format-6Barcode AWB Report FormatInvoice Report Format-5 Tax Invoice IndiaExport Shipments Departed But Not Confirmed On Board List Report Format
6.HBL Draft Report Format-7Booking Confirmation Air Report FormatInvoice Report Format-6 Simple Invoice (India)Job ATA Is Updated And Cargo Unpack Date Is Not Entered List Report Format
7.HBL Draft Report Format-8Cargo Arrival Notice Air Report FormatInvoice Report Format-7 Simple InvoiceJob Ata Not Updated List Report Format
8.HBL Draft Report Format-9Cargo Arrival Notice Air Without Charges Report FormatInvoice Report Format-8 Standard Invoice ArabicJob Not Closed list Report Format
9.HBL Draft Report Format-10Cargo Manifest Air House Report FormatInvoice Report Format-9 Standard Invoice USAManifest Not Sent To Agent Report Format
10.HBL Draft Report Format-11Cargo Manifest Air Jasper Report formatInvoice Report Format-10 Standard InvoicePending Jobs Atd Updated But Container Loading Date Not Updated List Report Format
11.HBL Draft Report Format-12Cargo Manifest Air LC Jasper Report FormatInvoice Report Format-11 Standard Invoice LandPending Shipment For Cargo Delivery Do Issued List Report Format
12.HBL Draft Report Format-13Delivery Order AIR Jasper Report FormatInvoice Report Format-12 Standard Invoice PreprintedPending Shipments For Draft BL List Report Format
13.HBL Draft Report Format-14Shipment Freight Manifest Report FormatInvoice Report Format-13 Standard Invoice USAPending Shipments For Cargo Arrival Notice List Report Format
14.HBL Draft Report Format-15Air Shipment Profit And Loss Report FormatInvoice Report Format-14 Invoicepending Shipments For Cargo Delivery List Report Format
15.HBL Draft Report Format-16Air Shipment Profit And Loss Report Format-1Invoice Report Format-15 Invoice FCYPending Shipments For Delivery Order List Report Format
16.HBL Draft Report Format-17HAWB Draft Report FormatInvoice Report Format-16 Standard Tax Invoice PreprintedActivity Completed Jobs List Report Format
17.HBL Draft Report Format-18HAWB Draft Report Format-1Invoice Report Format-17 Invoice JasperShipments With No Invoices List
18.HBL Draft Report Format-19HAWB Draft Report Format-2Invoice Report Format-18 Land Freight Transportation InvoiceShipments With No Purchase Invoices List
19.HBL Draft Report Format-20HAWB Original Pre Printed Report Format-1Invoice Report Format-19 Debit Note VietnamPrepaid Shipment With No Prepaid Charges List Report Format
20.Arrival Notice Report Format-1 Cargo Arrival Notice JasperHAWB Original Pre Printed Report Format-2Invoice Report Format-20 Tax Invoice IndiaSalesperson Nomination Report List Report Format
21.Arrival Notice Report Format-2 Cargo Arrival Notice JasperJob House Record List Report FormatInvoice Report Format-21 Warehouse InvoiceShipment Is Not Linked With Job List Report Format
22.Arrival Notice Report Format-3 Arrival Notice USAMAWB Draft Report FormatJournal Voucher Report Format-1Shipments List IMCO List Report Format
23.Arrival Notice Report Format-4 Arrival Notice USAJob House Record List Report Format-1Journal Voucher Report Format-2Shipment Status Report List Report Format
24.Arrival Notice Report Format-5 Cargo Arrival Notice SEAMAWB Original Preprinted KC Report FormatPayment Voucher Report Format-1Shipments With No HBL Number Entered List Report Format
25.Arrival Notice Report Format-6 Cargo Arrival Notice SEAPre Alert Air Report FormatPayment Voucher Report Format-2Shipments With No Job Number Mapped List Report Format
26.Arrival Notice Report Format-7 Cargo Arrival Notice SEAProforma Invoice All Charges Report FormatPayment Voucher Report Format-3Shipment With No Job CS List Report Format
27.Arrival Notice Report Format-8 Cargo Arrival Notice SEA Without Charges


Payment Voucher Report Format-4 VietnamAgent Nomination Shipments List Report Format
28.Arrival Notice Report Format-9 Cargo Arrival Notice SEA Without ChargesAdvance Shipping Note Format-1Profit and Loss Report Format-1 LandscapeBill Of Lading Is Not Issued List Report Format
29.Arrival Notice Report Format-10 SEA Arrival Notice FCL VietnamAdvance Shipping NoteProfit and Loss Report Format-2 JasperCancelled Job List Report Format
30.Cargo Manifest Report FormatAdvance Shipping Note Location WiseProfit and Loss Report Format-3 Summary PeriodwiseCargo Arrival Notice Sent Shipments List Report Format
31.Container Load Plan Report FormatAdvance Shipping Note Location Wise- 1Purchase Invoice Report Format-1Cash Collection Report List Report Format
32.Freight Manifest For Groupage Imports LCL Report FormatAdvance Shipping Note Location SummaryPurchase Invoice Report Format-2Cheque Collection Report List Report Format
33.Transhipment List Report FormatReceipt Voucher Report Format-1Client Lost Report For Last N Days List Report Format
34.Booking Confirmation Report Format-1 Booking ConfirmationReceipt Voucher Report Format-2Closed Job List Report Format
35.Booking Confirmation Report Format-2 Booking ConfirmationTrial Balance Report Format-1 Trial Balance SummaryCollect Shipment With No Collect Charges List Report Format
36.Cargo Receipt Note For Export CFS Report FormatTrial Balance Report Format-2 Trial Balance SummaryCreated Quotations List Report Format
37.Container Outturn Report FormatTrial Balance Report Format-3 Trial Balance Summary BranchWiseDo Issued Shipment List Report Format
38.Container Unload Plan Report FormatTrial Balance Report Format-4 Trial Balance Summary ExtendedExport Cargo Ready But Not Stuffed List Report Format
39.Freight Manifest LCL Exports Report FormatTrial Balance Report Format-5 Trial Balance Summary ExtendedJob ATA Updated Arrival Notice Not Sent List Report Format
40.Proof Of Delivery Report FormatTrial Balance Report Format-6 Trial Balance Summary Extended BranchWiseMRN Number Not Entered Job List Dubai Report Format
41.Sailing Confirmation Report FormatOutstanding Letter Report Format-1 Outstanding LetterShipments With No cost Charges List Report Format
42.Shipments With No cost Charges List Report FormatOutstanding Letter Report Format-2 Outstanding Letter JasperShipments With No Invoices list Report Format
43.Consol IGM Filling Letter Jasper Report FormatOutstanding Letter Report Format-3 Outstanding Letter With AgingShipments With No Purchase Invoices List Report Format
44.Container Movement Facilitation Cell Note Report FormatOutstanding Letter Report Format-4 Outstanding Letter With BL DetailsShipments With No Salesperson Entered List Report Format
45.Delivery Confirmation Report FormatOutstanding Letter Report Format-5 Outstanding Letter With InvoicesUncollected Cargo For Agent Routed List Report Format
46.Exchange Letter To Carrier Agent Report FormatProforma Invoice Report Format-1 Proforma Invoice All Charges
47.Import Cargo Manifest Report FormatProforma Invoice Report Format-2 Proforma Invoice All Charges
48.Import Tally Sheet Report FormatPayment Request List Report Format
49.Job Houses Record List Report FormatAP Aging Summary Report Format
50.Letter OF Guarantee Report FormatAR Aging Summary Report Format
51.Rider Sheet For Export Manifest Report FormatAP Outstanding Statement Report Format
52.Shipment Profit And Loss Report FormatAR Job Not Invoice Report Format
53.Shipment Status Confirmation Report FormatBank Cash Book Summary List Report Format
54.Truck Cargo Pickup Request Report FormatGL Listing Sort By Customer Code Voucher Report Format
55.Carting Confirmation Report FormatGL Report Currency Wise Voucher Report Format
56.Container VGM Form Report FormatGL Report Voucher Report Format
57.FCL Quotation Report FormatStatement Of Accounts Report Format
58.FCR Document Report Format
59.Import Security Filling Jasper AMS Report Format
60.ISF Filing Document Report Format
61.Loading Confirmation Report Format
62.Pickup Confirmation Report Format
63.Pre Alert to Client Report Format
64.Prealert USA Jasper Report Format
65.Shipping Instruction Report Format
66.Stuffing Report Format
67.Stuffing Report Jasper Report Format
68.Surrendered Letter Report Format
69.Terminal Departure Report (TDR) Report Format
70.Daily Status Report Format-1
71.Daily Status Report Format-2
72.Job Card Report Format
73.Job List Summary Report Format