Senegal officially known as the Republic of Senegal is a country in West Africa. It covers a land area of almost 197,000 square kilometres (76,000 sq. mi) and has a population of around 17 million. The state was formed as part of the independence of French West Africa from French colonial rule. Most of the population is on the coast and works in agriculture or other food industries. Other major industries include mining, tourism, and services.
The capital city Dakar is a vibrant city renowned for its lively markets and rich musical culture. Senegal boasts captivating colonial architecture, private beaches endowed with world-famous surf breaks, and remote riverine deltas abounding with wildlife. The place gleans its culinary provocation from far and wide, blending French and North African influences with ancient local customs.
Senegal in Brief:
CFA franc (XOF)
Time Zone:
GMT + 00:00

Logistics in Senegal – an Integral Component:

The nation has the growing significance of logistics across its petroleum value chain, with private parties and the government working in a team to develop a local workforce that is ready for first oil production in the upcoming years. The country is currently shaping its workforce to provide energy logistics ahead of the first oil production.
Senegal country specials
Chief Imports of Senegal:
    • Fuel
    • Capital Equipment
    • Tobacco
    • Foodstuffs
Main Exports of Senegal:
    • Oil
    • Phosphate
    • Gold
    • Fish
Prime Ports of Senegal:
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