1. What is BPO?

BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING (BPO) is basically outsourcing some of the non-essential internal business activities and operational process to a contracted third-party service provider(BPO) thereby transferring responsibilities to perform as per agreement.

2. Why do companies need to outsource their process?

Cost Control and Quality Improvement are the two primary objectives of any company for outsourcing. This will also allow the company to focus on their primary revenue generating activities.

3. Who decides the list jobs to be outsourced and on what basis?

Client who seeks service (typically called front office) based on their business requirement come up with a list of non-core activities and appoint a service provider(BPO) to complete their tasks within agreed timeline by strictly following the guidelines.

4. How does the front office(client) monitor/controls the work being done by the service provider (BPO)?

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is signed between the client and service provider wherein detailed job profiles along with their respective measurable TAT (Turn Around Time) is discussed, agreed and documented. Based on this, client can constantly monitor service provider’s performance.

5.What Operating System do BPO office use to complete their tasks?

BPO team acts as an extended office of front office and use the same operating system as front office. BPO team will be given access with restricted access based on the job profile.

6. How does the front office communicate with BPO office?

BPO office uses open source technologies with free software like skype, thunderbird, chrome and linux..

7. What is Freight Forwarding agent means?

Freight forwarding agent is a company who organizes a freight movement from one place to other using multiple mode of transport like sea freight, air freight, land freight etc.

8. Who pays to BPO companies for their services?

Client who seeks BPO services to pay to the service provider based on their initial agreement in SLA.

9. What types of jobs a BPO office can do?

Voice call and Non-voice call related services can be performed by BPO offices. In Freight forwarding, Sales support, customer service & accounting activities can be extended to back office. Online customs bill process also can be done in few countries wherever possible.

10. How do BPO office maintain confidentiality of company’s details being shared to them?

BPO sign and release NDA with the front office and similarly with individual staff members who handle account thereby the front office’s interest is safeguarded.

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