Freight Forwarding BPO

Freight Forwarding & Shipping Industry BPO

BPO is basically outsourcing some of the non-essential internal business activities and operational process to a contracted third-party service provider thereby transferring responsibilities to perform as per agreement. In Freight Forwarding & Shipping industry, there are lots of data entry work required in all business segments like Sea Freight, Air Freight, Transportation, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), Courier products and 3rd party warehousing.

A business organization can choose and transfer some of their non-essential activities to a third party so that they can continue to focus on their primary business activities. There are two ways of increasing the profit. Most of the organization focus on sales to increase the profit. In the current highly competitive environment, organization has to focus on reducing the cost, increase the efficiency of the process thereby improve the profitability.

Fresa BPO division is having 20+ years of experienced professionals in shipping and logistics industries and offers best Business Process Outsourcing solutions and services that enable clients to optimize the costs and improve the profitability.

Below listed are some of the great benefits an organization can enjoy by outsourcing their activities:

Advantages of BPO
  • Cost Reduction up to 65%
  • Focus on core business
  • Improve efficiency of the process & customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility & Productivity Improvement
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Human Resource
  • Cross training and business continuity
Departments of out sourced
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Customs Clearance Desk
  • Track & Trace
  • Accounting
  • Email marketing
Customer Service
  • Cargo Generation
  • Preparation of Quotation
  • Booking LCL shipments
  • Carrier/ Courier Rates update
  • Weekly Sailing schedule update
  • Monthly Sailing schedule update
  • Tele Sales
Operations covering both Exports & Imports

Export Process

  • Job generation
  • MBL draft preparation till surrender confirmation
  • HB/L draft preparation till customer confirmation
  • Update system with stuffing details and seal number
  • ATD system updation/ Shipping line payment arrangements
  • Cheque requisition for Co-Load shipments
  • Raising invoices to local/ destination agents for “freight collect” shipments
  • Credit note to destination agents for on-forwarding
  • Raising invoice to destination agents for rebate
  • Export Pre-alert and manifest to destination agents
  • Resending BL to customers if any correction
  • De-vanning report from agents (Follow up)
  • Agents communication (Cargo status updates)

Import Process

  • Receive pre-alert from origin / Disputes to be taken to agents
  • Check and clarify with origin wherever required
  • Job creation in Customer Operating System / Send CAN to customers
  • Monitor & confirm VSL ETA / Data update and Import EDI File
  • Upload Manifest EDI in Dubai Trade / NOC Link & MRN generation
  • Customs Bond submission & generate Cargo Transfer
  • Update Costing & book agent Invoice/Credit notes
  • Freight collection/ payable arrangement for transit cargo
  • Send docs to Warehouse / Send destuffing report origin
  • Follow up for marks and numbers from origin / Update & post local charges
  • Follow up with W/H for delivery status updates
  • Follow up with customers for DDU/DDP clearance
  • Agent queries like DO Status, Cargo status etc

Our Key Products

Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
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Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.