ISO Consulting Services

ISO 9001 and 27001 Consulting

Fresa Technologies offers Quality Management Systems Development through Consulting, Training and Project Support. Fresa Technologies provides Knowledge, Guidance and Direction in Quality Management Systems development activities, tailored to your unique wants, needs and desires. Let us help you Discover the Value of ISO 9001 Consulting, ISO 9001 Training or ISO 9001 Project Support and ISO 27001 Implementation.

Long term effect with successes of:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Exceeding business objectives goals
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Lower Management System administrative burden
  • Less Management System redundancy
  • Integration of Quality Management Principles through its design
Benefits of QMS Consulting include:
  • Reduced number of customer complaints
  • Reduced number of operational process defects
  • Exceeding the Organizational objectives and increasing business opportunities
  • A QMS designed to suit the organization and your customers’ requirements
  • Reduced QMS development and implementation time
ISO consulting

How ISO 9001 will help?


Customers demand it

ISO 9001 Certification is something that customers will demand before they give you work. Hence it is important for branding and sales.


Focus on Meeting Customer Requirement

One basic element of ISO 9001 is the ability to meet Customer requirement. ISO 9001 implementation brings that as the central focus of the company.


Improvement is a necessity

ISO 9001 mandates improvement in processes, hence ISO 9001 certification ensures focus on improvement of processes and its verification.


Defect Reduction

ISO 9001 stresses on robust product realization process which will, in turn, result in reducing the number of defects and non-conforming products.


Focus on prevention through risk based approach

ISO 9001 mandates the risk-based approach in process management. This focus on prevention can help build controls to prevent failures.


Improved credibility with Vendor Partners

Vendors are a critical success factor for any organization. ISO 9001 Certification will help improve your credibility with them.

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Customer Satisfaction processes get their due focus

Happy customers always mean assured success. ISO 9001 ensures processes to enhance customer satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction processes get their due focus

Happy customers always mean assured success. ISO 9001 ensures processes to enhance customer satisfaction.


Improvement is a necessity

Processes should preceed people and that is what ISO 9001 certification will mandatorily build. ISO 9001 will ensure repeatable and predictable results.

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Happier & motivated employees

ISO 9001 will drive process approach in firms and will have impact on how employees perceive you.

Methodology for ISO 9001 Consulting

A proven Quality Management System development and implementation approach should be used based on project management methodologies. A structured approach should be used for defining project plans, specific responsibilities and verification of results. The result will be a development and implementation strategy that is more efficient and provides for first time compliance or registration to the ISO 9001 requirements.

ISO 9001 Compliance can be achieved through Seven Phases:
  • Executive and Management Overview / Planning
  • Gap Assessment and Planning
  • Documentation
  • Implementation and Training
  • Internal Assessment and Management Review
  • 3rd Party Registration Assessment
  • Sustain and Continual Improvement
The Fresa Technologies Seven Phase Approach is detailed as follows:
  • Executive and Management Overview / Planning
  • Define Context of Organization / Communication and Training Plan
  • Define Interested Parties and Requirements
  • Define QMS Scope / Define Training Plan / Executive and Management Overviews
  • Define High Level Processes and System Map
  • Define High Level Project Plan Description
  • Define Organizations Objectives and Targets
  • Define Communications Plan / Define High Level Risks
  • Requirements of the ISO 9000 Series of Standards
  • Process Approach to Quality Management Systems
  • Managing The Interaction of Processes and Systems
  • Description of the Organization’s Project Plan

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