Corporate training is a new era, an approach of providing employees internal and external to the management with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful. The idea of a corporate university is becoming more ubiquitous with corporate training evolving. The Trick to seeing the future is knowing where to look for it.

Across land, sea and skies, waves of digital disruption are redefining Freight and Logistics. The industry is facing increasing market volatility, with a 10-time rise in new entrants. The global merchandise trade is expected to increase by 4 percent in 2019* but more fundamental changes, like industry consolidation, increased supply chain complexity and regulatory changes are reshaping the landscape.

Keeping all these things in mind we FRESA TECHNOLOGIES independent, neutral and professional software company that provides IT and IT enabled services with focus on providing solutions only to Freight forwarding and shipping industries. Our package for Corporates focuses on employees who have no prior knowledge of Shipping and the employees who wish to brush their Logistics skills.

Fresa Training provides both general and specialised courses in Freight Forwarding &Logistics, Technical skills, Corporate skills Training. Our Course content are designed to provide a better-educated and more versatile workforce that allows to meet your customers’ demands more quickly and efficiently. As we reached many milestones in our Software service providing for Freight forwarding & Logistics industry, we initiated the training institute with different packages of courses depending upon the customers need.

Our Key Products

Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.