Support Director's Message

A director of customer support is responsible for building and leading the customer support team by assuring customers are successfully using the Freight Software product of Fresa Technologies. This simple process accounts for more complex handling. It involves building the right team to train and onboard new customers and forming a dynamic strategy to accomplish our team goals in the competing Freight Forwarding Industry.

We make into developing accurate plans, execution and measuring results to ensure our Fresa team is making the best for our Shipping Logistics clients successful and satisfied in meeting up their specifications in the area of Logistics. Long-term, reliable recurring revenue results from a successful Customer Support team.

Nanda Kumar S

Mr. Nanda / Director – Support

20+ Years of Experience in Software Development and Support Services

We examine the various stages of the customer journey using our Fresa Freight Software by identifying the challenges of our Freight Forwarding customers and ensuring a prompt customer experience at every stage of Fresa’s journey.

We have to coordinate with different departments to align all of them towards Customer Success. Every department must participate in the effort to bring value to the customer and provide exceptional experiences by imparting proactive initiatives.

Our focus is adding meaningful value to Customer Interaction by analyzing their queries and deriving the objectives of Freight Forwarding Logistics specialty. We encourage our Freight Forwarding Customers to share their experience to ensure our approaches and practices for futuristic betterment.

We assist in onboarding our new Freight Forwarding Logistics customers with easy-approaching ways and providing proactive solutions to queries in their Freight Forwarding Logistics disciplines through calls, ticketing systems and mails.

Valuing the Customer perspectives adds an eminence force in upskilling to demands of the Freight Software users

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