Vice President's Message

In 2011, during the initial pursuit for developing a software that could change the freight forwarding industry, Mr. Senthil Murugan, CIO of Fresa Technologies, suggested that the software concept and design must replace the conventional method of operating and maintaining data through hardcopies and spreadsheet files for small and medium size companies. These were actually the main tools back in the days for the Freight Forwarders for handling their records.
Our main objective was to deliver the software to be the most user friendly in the market, with optimum features. Our other objective was to make the software cost efficient. We wanted the small and medium sized companies to have a premium experience of a software solution, just like the ERPs used by large sized companies who provide various facilities to their customers. We believe that mutual growth is the key to success and a better tomorrow.

Mr. Amudhan / Vice President

25+ Years of experience in IT Network, Hardware & Software

The United Arab Emirates is one of the largest hub for freight forwarding in the planet, where Dubai acts as one of the prime location with an annual shipments volume of 100 million Ton with a value of 1.18 Trillion AED handled in the year 2020. The Land borne, Sea borne and Air borne trade value are recorded to be 203 billion, 421 billion and 559 billion respectively. Dubai has been proving to be one of the best economy in the planet from time to time and we are proud to be a part of this fast paced economy.
I am glad that we are 10 years through our success journey, with a global presence in the freight forwarding industry. With Middle East being one of our biggest market with 200+ clients, we are proud to have our presence in US, Canada, Australia, Madagascar, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and many other Countries.
We are progressing with a team of 100+ young and creative minds providing our clients with constant upgrades and consistent support. I am proud to state that the latest updates and Technological breakthroughs are a consistent routine for our R & D Team.
” We value the relationship with our customers through our team’s extensive effort. Cheers to Team Fresa!”  

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