Fresa Gold Features List



GeneralAccounting Integration
All reports can be send by email with customised subject and body
All reports can be send with attachments selected by user
Application can be opened in IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Attach documents in organization
Can the ERP uses the full screen size – responsive application
Charge level reports
Duplicate/Copy shipment/Duplicate job/Duplicate voucher
EDI format in CSV/TXT
EDI format in json
EDI format in XML
EDI Integration to Agent/Customer’s ERP
Enhanced search option
ERP can be opened/viewed/edited using tablet
Facility to generate different kind of dynamic reports using the standard columns
Follow up in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
Google translator compatibility
History in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
HR Module
HS Code master
Likes in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
Links in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
Online Chat for users
Online tracking in website
Pivot option in reports
References in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
Reports in PDF
Reports in Pie Chart, Line and Bar Chart etc
Reports in XLS (old format which uses more storage)
Reports in XLSX
Restriction to the users on menu
Sales team can be used by mobile
Shipment level comments option for the users to get other users feedback
Simplified User Interface – Customizable
Smart Reporting tool (My Reports)
Tags in shipment/job/voucher/employee/organization
User can select columns in the standard reports based on their requirements
User defined favorites
Users can choose their template like Green/Blue/Red etc
Users can edit their preferences and profile
Userwise Homepage
Web service/API to customer/vendor
SettingsAssign access only sales/cost/gp rights to user
Customised bl number format
Customised job number format
Customised quotation number format
Customised shipment number format
Customised voucher number format
Download documents based on the rights
Preview of the attached documents
Report Builder
User access management with restriction of IP/office time/filters
User login access based on office timing with regional time zone option
User login access restriction using IP
User login access restriction using MAC Address
User multi-login access – enable or disable
ManagementAgent wise profitability reports
Agent wise volume reports
Department wise terms and conditions for quotations
Airline wise profitability report
Airline wise tonnage report
Budget vs. actuals
Business Intelligence Tool – Analytics
Client wise profitability report
Client wise volume report
Country wise profitability reports
Country wise volume report
Department wise profitability reports
Department wise volume/no of shipment reports
Profit and loss report month wise breakup in pivot
Salesperson wise profitability report
Salesperson wise volume report
Shippinglinewise profitability report
Shippinglinewise teu report
Tariff Management for LCL/FCL/Air freight/land
Web Portal – for customer and agent
Website Track & Trace
Weekly/monthly management report – one page to monitor the company performance
SalesCreating quotations
Duplicate quotation
Email Marketing – Subscriber Management
Email Marketing (Promotion Email)
Online Quote
Quotation approval
Salesmanwise Budget
Click to Fresa Sales App
DocumentationAir Consol, Direct MAWB and Back to Back Available Available
Along with Pre-Alert users can choose the attachments and send it to Agent
Attach documents in job
Attach documents in shipment
Attach/Detach option for subjobs
AWB printing
AWB reservation
AWB stock utilization
AWB/BL draft printing
Barcode label printing for Air Export
BL Preview (Open Text Edit)
Cargo manifest report
Carrier-wise AWB stock maintenance
Certificate of origin/packing list/commercial invoice
Convert quotation to booking or job
Convert shipment to job
Cost not entered jobs
CSV upload options for dimensions
CSV upload options for subjobs (important for lcl import shipments)
Customer Segmentation / Categorization
Customs deposit alerts based on expiry date
Delivery order report
Department Based Job Closing
Dimension calculator
DO/BL Restriction based on “Customer-Agent/Local Customer”
E-AWB printing
Expected shipments report based on transhipment and export bookings
Freight manifest report
IATA AWB printing
IATA Label Printing
Inter-Office-Imports Job from other branches
Invoice not raised jobs
Job Date changing – Flexibility
Job with subjob – packing and unpacking
List of transport request
Loading confirmation
Loss jobs reports
Onforwarding not booked report
Option to cancel the prorate if any cost missed out
Payment request
Pending delivery order list
Pending payment requests
Pending physical cargo delivery list
Pickup address/delivery address with expected date for transport
Prorate master cost into subjob
Revenue not entered jobs
Scheduled Status Update to Customer / Agent
Sending transport request from shipment
Shipment KPI
Shipment Milestone Dashboard
Shipment Milestone in one Page
Shipment Profitability at Booking/Quotation Level
Split/Merge Shipment
Standard Charges – Revenue & Cost
Storage rate maintenance
Sub Master
Subjob profitability report
Switch BL/Proxy BL
Truck Way Bill Available Available
Update cost and revenue to transport department same job or new transport job
Vessel schedules on website
OperationsDelivery confirmation
Flight uplift confirmation
Part delivery of the cargo
Pending transhipment report
Provide options to view external documents on website based on customer login
Storage calculation for import shipments
Storage charges with discount option based on rights
Storage invoice and receipts
Storage location details
Able to add custodian details to an asset
Accounts payable
Accounts receivable
Accounts receivable aging with latest comments and credit details
Airline cargo sales report
All Accounting Documents can be created, approved & Posted
Asset book value report
Asset code for accounting entries
Asset depreciation detail report
Asset list report
Asset master with supplier details, purchase details, installation details
Statement of Account Details
Asset purchase detail report
Asset revaluation report
Attach documents in voucher
Bank payment voucher (option to specify the bank charges etc)
Bank position – consolidate in all branches
Bank reconciliations
Cash & Bank
Cash flow reports
Cash payment voucher
Chart of accounts with local language (multilingual option)
Cheque printing option in payment (based on the bank – user can choose)
Comments in customer outstanding
Cost center for accounting entries
Customer Credit Portal
Customer Outstanding with Latest comments
Daily Exchange Rate Entry with live access to
Depreciation entries posting to General ledger
Drill down feature from Balance sheet level to source level
Facility to query / report by cheque numbers, payment numbers, etc
Financial P&L Report – Headers Customizable
Foreign currency invoice with ex.rate of other foreign currency and not local currency ex.rate
General Ledger – Chart of Accounts
General Ledger – Register
GL Budget
Group P&L in Single Report(Multiple Country/Company)
Interbranch billing
Interdepartment billing
Multi-currency entry in vouchers
Outstanding Report can be sent with Invoice copy
Payment request approval based on amount limits
Payment voucher from payment request
Recurring vouchers
Sales team can view their customer invoice/shipment/outstanding details on their dashboard
Search by cheque number, supplier invoice number
Tracking expenses – branch, staff, asset, cost center
Tracking revenue to source level
Transfer of assets from one branch to another branch
Transaction wise voucher details
Transhipment import to export
Transhipment profit keeping it in import or export – based on company requirement
Vendor Payment Portal
Voucher matching – allocation of cash vs invoice
HR ModuleAppointment order printing
Attach documents in employee
Calendar view for calls and sales lead follow up
Call entry
Call letter printing
Document expiry alert for employees and dependents
Employee history with skills and achievements
Employee image, stored in database directory
Employee master with attachments and reminder follow up for visa renewal etc
Employee time sheet
Employment history printing
Job profit and loss based on provisional with actuals
Leave application and approval processing
Loans and advances application, approval
Organizational designation hierarchy
Sales enquiry entry and follow up
Sales lead
Staff grading, staff evaluation and preparation of bonus based on evaluation
WMSGoods Issue Note
Goods Receipt Note
Multi Warehouse handling
Product Ageing
Product Serial Number Scanning
Stock Adjustment
Stock Transfer
Storage Calculation
ReportsA/P Outstanding Statement
A/R Outstanding Summary
Advance Shipping Note
Agent Credit Note
Agent Invoice
Air Way Bill – Draft
Air Way Bill – Original
Allotment Letter
Arrival Confirmation
Arrival Information
B/L Instruction To Carrier
Balance Sheet
Bank Reconciliation
Barcode AWB
Barcode Scanning Summary
Bill of Lading – Draft
Bill of Lading – Original
Booking Confirmation
Cargo Arrival Notice – Air
Cargo Arrival Notice – Sea
Cargo Manifest
Cargo Receipt Note for Export – CFS
Carrier Delivery Order Request
Cheque Print
Client list Report
Combined Outstanding Report
Commercial Invoice
Console IGM List
Consolidated Delivery Advice
Consolidated Freight Manifest
Container Devanning Report
Container Load List
Container Load Plan
Container Stripping Tally Sheet
Container Summary
Container Unload Plan
Contra Voucher
Debit Note
Delivery Confirmation
Emirates Islamic Cheque with Account Payee
Employee Profile
Exchange Letter To Carrier Agent
Exchange Letter To Delivery Agent
Freight Certificate
Freight Manifest
General Ledger Customer Report
General Ledger Detail Report
General Ledger Subledger Report
Goods Delivery Note
Goods Issue Order
Goods Receipt Note
GP Report – High GP Case
GP Report – Low GP Case
HBL Amendment List
HS Code Summary
Import Console Manifest
Import Devanning Report
Import Profitability Statement
Import Tally Sheet
Job Card
Job Closure Status Report
Job Houses/Record List
Job List Summary
Job Profit and Loss Details
Job Profitability Report
Journal Voucher
KPI Report / Integrated KPI Report
LCL-Shipment Export Declaration
Letter of Guarantee
Loading confirmation
Loading confirmation-DUP
Local Purchase Order
Manifest Console
Mate’s Receipt
Monthly Storage Report
NOC Letter
Nomination Form
Nomination to Agent
O/S Vouchers
On forwarding Shipment List
Organization Profile
Organization Quotation
Outstanding Letter
Outstanding Letter BL Details
Outstanding Letter With Aging
Outstanding Letter With Invoices
Outstanding Letter-FCY
Overdue Report
Packing List
Packing List-Air
Payment Request
Payment Voucher
Personal Effect Details
Pick List
Pickup and Delivery Order
Pre Alert to Client
Profit and Loss Report
Profit and Loss Summary Periodwise
Proforma Invoice
Proof of Delivery
Purchase Credit Note
Purchase Invoice
Quotation – Air
Quotation – FCL
Quotation – LCL
Receipt Voucher
Rider Sheet for Export Manifest
Routing Order FCL
Routing Order LCL
Routing Order-Air
Sailing Confirmation
Sales Voucher
Salesman Performance Report
Salesman Report
Service Tax Invoice
Shipment Cargo Manifest
Shipment Freight Manifest
Shipment Invoice
Shipment List Summary
Shipment Profit and Loss Report
Shipment Status for Agent
Shipment Status for Client
Shipped Onboard Certificate
Shipper Surrendered Letter
Shipping Advice
Shipping Advice-Air
Shipping Instruction
Shipping Instruction-Air
Shipping Instructions for Client
Shipping Order
Simple FCY Invoice
Simple Invoice
Standard Invoice
Statement of Accounts
Statement of Charges
Stock Not Available
Stock Report
Stock Report Balance Qty > 0
Stock Report Cargo Release Wise
Stock Report Location Wise
Stock Report Product Wise
Stock Report Receipt Note Wise
Stock Report with ASN /GIO
Stock Transfer
Stuffing confirmation
Stuffing Report
Submaster Manifest Report
Summary Invoice
Summary Payment Voucher
Surrendered Letter Agent
Tax Credit Note
TAX Invoice – India
TAX Invoice Report
Transhipment Confirmation
Transhipment Confirmation-Air
Transhipment List
Transport Request
Transport Request-Air
Trial Balance
Truck – Cargo Pickup Request
Truck Consignment Note
Trucking Instruction
Uplift Confirmation
UTMA – Shipping Info
UTMA Report – Sales Amount
VAT Invoice Report
Voucher List Summary
Warehouse Invoice

Our Key Products

Fresa Gold is online freight software, which is Suitable for group companies, Industry proven technology, full access of fresa gold features.
Fresa XPress is web based ERP on the cloud, fully integrated freight management software,
designed for the Freight forwarders.
A website demands complete makeover and facelift when it loses its capability to match the changing tastes of the niche and upgrading.
Fresa Mail is an Email management solution that helps in trouble free business communication and storage of email data and documents.