Introducing WhatsApp Customer Service

Fresa is announcing our new and fundamentally different approach to customer service that dramatically improve the way we serve our customers.

Our new Support platform, Whatsapp Customer Service creates a unified customer experience that connects directly to customer service person instead of having conservation with different options like emails/Skype/Phone/Ticketing System.

What Makes Fresa’s Whatsapp Customer Service So Different?

Fresa was founded in an era when consumers lived on their smartphones and kept in touch with friends and family with messaging — primarily on apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Since the day we were founded, Fresa was built to cater to the expectations of a mobile-first, asynchronous world.

Customers are enthusiastic about communicating with a company via WhatsApp which increases customer satisfaction with an up-to-date communication channel and helps to resolve service issues more quickly.


How Effective our Escalation Process

Our Whatsapp Customer service process works in a simple way as once Whatsapp conversation ends a no-reply email will reach the customer with a summary of the request with a link to Escalate if they are not happy with a conversation with 2 levels of escalation and they can give ratings of the customer service person.
As per the process, they have a Responsible customer service person available on Whatsapp where customers have easy options to rate his service and can escalate

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Client Training Schedule

As an IT service providers, we planned to give a weekly online training as a guide to answer fundamental questions about Fresa Gold.

If you have questions about Fresa Gold service we encourage you to join our Training session. There you can connect with training experts, customer Service managers and software developers. You can ask questions and gain insight from a community of freight forwarding experts.

MondayMasters & Customer Service
TuesdayDocumentation & Operation
ThursdayAccounts Basics
FridayAccounts Advanced

Time: 5 to 5.30 pm IST  Training Link


Support Team Weekend Schedule

S.NOMembers/Day    Friday    Saturday        Sunday
 Fresa Product Support
1   Aruna      Working     Working        Week Off
2  Jai Sekar      Working     Week Off        Working
3  Ramakrishnan      Week Off     Working        Working
4  Vaas      Working     Working        Week Off
5  Mohamad Fayaz      Week Off     Working        Working
6  Thaufeeq      Working     Working        Week Off
7  Ruthvik      Week Off     Working        Working
Third Party Support
1  Nanda    Working     Working       Week Off
2  Naveen    Working     Working       Week Off

Last Updated on: 18/09/2020